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Car people ask questions. It�€™s in our DNA. We�€™ve answered most of your typical questions here and we�€™re adding more all the time. Other opinions exist of course. Tell us yours -

Read this first!

There are almost as many opinions about how to set up multiple Stromberg 97s as there are set-ups. We'll be adding more answers to FAQs here as time allows. If you have your own thoughts (preferably backed by facts and practical experience), we'd be pleased to hear 'what worked for you'. Email us and we'll try to add your experience to this knowledge base.

How do I tune the Stromberg 3x2 Progressive linkage?

The Stromberg progressive linkage is hugely flexible in operation, so you can tune it for many different outcomes. This article looks at all the possibilities.  

Let's build a Stromberg 97 3x2

This how-to came out of some posts we made to a Jalopy Journal HAMB thread, 'Let’s build a Stromberg 97 3×2' giving our own view on the best way to set your 97s up on a Chevy small block motor. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, of course. These are just ours.  

How do I connect a throttle cable kit to a Stromberg TwoStep linkage?

Cable throttle systems using our 9136K bracket kit make Stromberg 97 carburetor set-ups even easier to use. Here's how it all happens.  

How do I choose a 4x2 linkage kit for my intake?

Stromberg offers a range of 4x2 direct (non-progressive) linkages - a ready-to-fit kit for the Offenhauser Pacesetter 5024 - Chevy 4x2 intake. And a ‘Trim-to-Fit’ kit for everything else. Here’s how to select the right kit for your intake.  

How do I choose the right 6x2 linkage and fuel line?

Stromberg offers 6x2 progressive and direct (non-progressive) linkages - ready-to-fit kits for intakes that are available brand new. And ‘Trim-to-Fit’ kits for everything else. Direct linkages come complete in one box. And the progressive linkages are modular. Here’s how to select the right kits for your intake.  

How do I tune the Stromberg 6x2 for the street?

The Stromberg 6x2 progressive linkage is hugely flexible in operation. Here are some ideas of how to tune it for the street, to suit your own needs and application.  
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