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Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9090KStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9090K

SuperLink lever 

A new take on the traditional multi-carb linkage arm - a zinc die-cast with a modern H-beam section for strength without excess weight.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9091KStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9091K

SuperLink lever with swivel 

Our 9090K lever with a stainless steel swivel, secured by a small e-clip on the back, and a cross hole sized for the typical 3/16th diameter linkage rod, secured by a black knurled-tip set screw.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9096KStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9096K

Long lever with swivel 

Designed to match the shorter Superlink lever arms, this longer version also comes with a swivel and clamping screws (click more for further details).
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9096K-KDStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9096K-KD

Long lever with kickdown arm 

Our 9096K long lever with additional auto-trans kickdown capability - a 1/4"-UNF thread at the bottom end takes a Lokar-style kickdown cable end (click more for further details).
9136KCable Throttle Bracket
  • Mounts your hot rod cable throttle kit
  • Accepts auto-trans kickdown cable kits
  • Separate mount for traditional throttle return springs
  • All stainless steel
  • Comes with two Stromberg carb-to-manifold gaskets
  • Does not require extended intake manifold studs
9136K - Cable Throttle Bracket9136K - Cable Throttle Bracket9136K - Cable throttle bracket9136K - Cable throttle bracket9136K - Cable throttle bracket9136K - Cable throttle bracket
More Details
Securely mounted between the carburetor and intake manifold, our Cable Throttle Bracket positions the cable for optimum, bind-free ‘pull’ on Stromberg TwoStep linkages. Compatible with most readily available hot rod cable throttle kits (eg. Lokar).

A fixing hole is also provided for the small extension bracket supplied with most hot rod auto-trans kickdown cable kits. And a separate side arm provides a mount for a traditional return spring. Again, the 'Lokar' type kits are recommended.

Compatible with pretty much all Stromberg 97-based intake manifolds, though some Ford Flathead intakes need a remote fuel pump to work with cable throttle. On the following manifolds, this bracket will fit with a stock fuel pump:
• Edelbrock 1103 2x2 Slingshot
• Edelbrock 1109 3x2 for ’49-53 8BA engines
• All Offenhauser intakes for ’49-53 8BA engines

On all other Edelbrock and Offenhauser intakes for flathead Ford, the fuel pump position makes cable throttle systems impossible unless you switch to a remote fuel pump. On other brand intakes, we recommend you check before purchase.

Note: This bracket lifts the rear carburetor, so on a 3x2 direct linkage the two front carbs may need packing with extra gaskets for perfect linkage alignment. On 2x2 direct or a 3x2 progressive linkages, this is not a problem. This kit does not require extended intake manifold studs. And two gaskets are supplied.

Full installation instructions can be downloaded at the Stromberg Tech Center.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9139KStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9139K

Throttle Shaft Extension Kit 

Extending the Stromberg 97 throttle shaft for difficult linkage applications, this kit comes with a support bracket for reliable linkage operation.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9154KStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9154K

Snapback return spring (x2) 

Our new stainless steel 'Snapback’ throttle return springs wrap around the end of the Stromberg throttle shaft and hook onto your linkage lever arm to snap your carburetors shut.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9164K-LStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9164K-L

Linkage bomb (Left Hand 10-32 thread) 

Build your own pedal to carb rod with these cool stainless steel linkage clips, which fix onto the Stromberg throttle shaft and an early Ford firewall pedal linkage.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9164K-RStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9164K-R

Linkage bomb (Right Hand 10-32 thread) 

Build your own pedal to carb rod with these cool stainless steel linkage clips, which fix onto the Stromberg throttle shaft and an early Ford firewall pedal linkage.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9166KStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9166K

Rocket clip 

Upgrade your throttle cable with the coolest end clip around! With its stainless steel body and black painted clip, the Stromberg Rocket Clip works with all popular throttle cable kits.
Stromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9168KStromberg-97 - Linkage parts - 9168K

Linkage Ball x 2 

Two handy threaded linkage ball studs with 7mm (0.275in) diameter balls, the same as Stromberg choke and throttle ball connections - Half an inch of thread - Nuts included - Fits Stromberg Linkage Bombs (9164K-R and 9164K-L) and Rocket Clip (9166K).
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