e-FIRE High performance Spark Plug Wires


Perfect for your electronic ignition. And points distributors too

Spiral-wound, stainless steel suppression core with high level RFI/EMI resistance

Pre-fitted cap terminals for easier fitting

7mm diameter wires fit your Flathead plug wire looms

Cut to length with extra long coil wire to reach the firewall

Low 500 Ohm/ft resistance gets more energy to your plugs

100% silicone insulation resists high temperatures, moisture, oil and more

Part No. 9705K


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e-FIRE High performance Spark Plug Wires

NEW FROM STROMBERG for your flathead Ford. High performance spark plug wires. Whether you have a front mount (e-FIRE or Ford 21-A) or top mount (8BA) distributor, we’ve got you covered. Designed to work with both electronic and points-style distributors, e-FIRE plug wires give you strong fire power with high level RFI/EMI resistance.

The spiral-wound, stainless steel suppression core is protected by tough fiberglass reinforcing braid for strength and flexibility. And the 100% silicone insulation resists high temperatures, moisture, oil and chemicals, and protects against arcing and voltage leaks. With low 500 Ohm/ft resistance, they get more energy into your plugs too.

Easy installation is always high on our list. So, here’s the best bit. With the Ford Flathead engine firmly in mind, the 90-degree cap terminals and boots are pre-fitted for smarter ‘distributor first’ installation. Why? Because we know how hard it is to trim those front mount wires up close to the radiator where access is limited. Your knuckles will thank you. Plus it leaves you free to use the supplied 90-degree spark plug boots or choose your own hot rod terminals. All leads are 7mm diameter so they fit through your flathead plug wire looms or tubes. They’re cut to length, too, with a long coil wire to reach your firewall.

Our wires fit front mount Ford 21A ‘crab cap’ distributors (e-FIRE and Original Equipment are the same) and 1949-53 8BA distributors. They do not fit other early Ford flathead caps nor modern caps with male, HEI-type bullet-style terminals.


e-FIRE Plug Wire Installation Guide

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e-FIRE Distributor Owner’s Manual – 11A/21A

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