Show us your ride!

Send us your pictures. Let’s see your 97s in action!

If this community thing's going to work (and we're all meant to be on the same page, right?), then we need to share our stuff - our experiences, our pictures, our knowledge - you know, the general stuff that makes an automotive life worth living. 

That's why we started the Stromberg Bulletin (our blog) - so we can share our BS with you, and you can do likewise. Sharing has never been a one-man sport, so come on, show us what you’ve got! Email us some half-decent pictures of your Genuine Stromberg 97-equipped ride (or anything else for that matter), and we’ll try to feature it in the Bulletin. Just remember to send us your name, town/state/country and a few details about your car/bike/tractor/whatever.

We’re especially interested in how your 97s are set up (linkage, fuel, jetting), of course, so we can pass that information on to everyone else. Sharing and caring. Heck, we'll be buying a Prius next….Email your stuff to us at